Uses Of Drones In The Realty Sector

The unmanned aircraft system or drones are very popular in contemporary times as it has a number of uses and benefits. It is mostly used by the military in their various applications. However in recent times, drones are being used in many other sectors and have become quite popular. The FAA has issued about 5300 permits for using drones in commercial sector out of which 2100 are for the realty sector.

Drones are used by the realty sector for the aerial photography of the various properties. Drones have become extremely important to the realty business as it is helping them keep ahead in business.

Most businessmen are using drones along with real estate photography in order to give their competitors tough competition.

Things to consider when using drones

• Drones have many uses which include doing surveys and making property maps.

• It is used for elevated photography which otherwise would have cost of thousands of dollars using helicopters and air planes but is cut down due to the use of drones.

• Depending upon the attachment of the camera, it can shoot both still photos and videos.

Rules which are followed while using drones

There are certain guidelines which are listed by the FAA in order for users to use the drones responsibly.

1. Licensing – A petition needs to be filed under Section 333 of FAA Act of 2012 and the exemption number is acquired from FAA. The whole process takes about three months time and you are required to register the drone with FAA afterwards and get a certificate in return for each air space you are planning to operate in. After this process, you can put in application for the whole of air space. The final step will include getting FAA airman certificate for sport pilot or private pilot.

2. Operation – The drone operator must be 13 years or above and should take a flying lesson before operating. The drone must weigh less than 55 pounds. It should be used only during the day when in sight and must fly under 400 feet.

3. No drone zone – There are places which are prohibited and one cannot make the drone fly in that zone. These places include race tracks, sports stadium, forest fires, five miles from airport, papal visits and the District of Columbia. It should also be kept away from animals and children.

4. Etiquette – It is important for realty professionals to obtain permission from homeowners before operating their drones in their property. They should seek permission from private property owners before flying over the property. They should avoid flying over crowds of people. They should not let animals and children chase them and must read their manual and practice accordingly.